The Theravada Buddhist Academy (TBA) was established under the auspicious leadership of the most Venerable Dr. Bhikshu Jñanapurnika. It is an independent entity incorporated under the umbrella of the Vishwa Shanti Vihar. Theravada Buddhist Academy is the only institution, which supports systematic promotion and preservation of Theravada Buddhism, its culture and heritage through education, research and various other activities like workshops, conferences, meditation courses etc. it also works towards creating mutual understanding and cooperation between Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions of Buddhism. TBA  offer two academic degrees in affiliation with Lumbini Buddhist University. They are a) M. A. in Theravada Buddhism and b) M. A. in Pāli Buddhist Studies. The course duration is two years in four semester. TBA is recently registered under Company Act 2063 as profits not distributing company in Sept. 15, 2021 (30th Bhadra 2078).



The mission of the Theravada Buddhist Academy is to promote Theravada Buddhism and Pāli Buddhist Studies in Nepal through education and research.


  • To inculcate in-depth knowledge on Theravada Buddhism and Pali language and literature, promote Buddhist traditions and values in the society and contribute to modern education through Buddhist education.
  • To promote moral, peace and spiritual values in the society to protect and nurture the rich Buddhist culture in the country and abroad.
  • To strengthen relationship between the Academy and Government of Nepal and various other sectors of the Buddhist community nationally and internationally to identify needs of the community and to offer educational plan, both academic and non-academic, to meet those needs.
  • To develop human resources for strengthening the Buddha Sasana in Nepal.
  • To conduct various academic degree programs in Buddhism and Pali Buddhist Studies in affiliation with national and international universities.
  • To provide academic and research oriented education in Buddhist philosophy, literature, art, history, culture and education.
  • To publish the academic research, books and magazine in the field of Buddhist studies.
  • To conduct National and International meetings, gatherings, seminar and interaction programs related to Buddhism.