August 27, 2019
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July 3, 2020
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Call for Admission

Theravada Buddhist Academy invites applicants for admission to the Master’s Degree Program in Theravada Buddhism for the 2020 winter semester. The program is designed as two years course spread over four semester which consists of course works, seminars, theravada ritual and other practices, research project, field visit, and meditation course.  Students from any discipline having passed Bachelor Degree or equivalent from recognized universities are eligible to apply for admission. Called for application within Jan 21, 2020.  Application form is available at Theravada Buddhist Academy, Tinkune, Minbhavan Kathmandu and LBU online. The candidate should appear on a written entrance examination followed by an interview. Entrance Test in Jan 22, 2020. Contact for details- 9841174720, 9803538170, 4016630. Office hour 7- 10 am.