Principal’s Message

Theravada Buddhist Academy (TBA) is established in affiliation with Lumbini Buddhist University, under the active leadership of late Most Venerable Bhikshu Dr. Jñānapurnika Mahāthero and duly incorporated under the umbrella of Vishwasanti  Vihāra as an independent entity. The Academy is recently registered under Company Act 2063 as profit not distributing company. Theravada Buddhism is the original teachings of the Buddha. It’s literature is preserved in Pāli Language. ‘Thera’ means a monk disciple of the Buddha. In Pāli it is defined as “Buddha sāsane thirabhāvam pattoti thero.” It means one who is stable in Buddha’s dispensation is called ‘Thera’. Thera also means the elder monk. Five hundred elder monks who are arhat monks compiled the teachings of the Buddha in the First Buddhist Council. ‘Theravada’ means Buddha’s teachings. It is called Theravada because it is collected by Theras (there hi kata sangaho theravado ti vuccati). Buddha’s teachings are for happiness, peace, prosperity and progress in life. As Nepal is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gotama, the Buddha, Nepalese have the right to study the teachings of the Buddha. TBA provides all Nepalese as well as foreigners a great opportunity to learn Buddha’s teaching in academic way. TBA offers two Academic Degrees- M.A. in Theravada Buddhism and M.A. in Pāli Buddhist Studies. The course duration is two years in four semester. The both Academic Degrees are equal importance in the field of Theravada Buddhism. You all are welcome to join us.

Dr. Mahendra Ratna Shakya
Principal, Theravada Buddhist Academy.