Message from founder chairman

gyanpurnikIn Nepal, the birth place of the Lord Buddha, the teaching of Buddha arose and spread all over the world during the regime of Kirati, Thakuri and Lichhabi. The Lichhabi period has been considered as the golden age for Buddhism. However, suppression of the Buddhism began during the latter perios of malla Regime. During the period of Jayansthiti mall, the monks and nuns were forced to convert in=to family households. The system of cast, creed and race was imposed, thus dividing the people into various casts and creed. Buddhism was battered and Buddhist educational sector was destroyed and made non-functional.

The places for education in Buddhist , Buddhist culture, civilization, arts, literature, science and geography could not survive. During the Rana Regime, “BHikshus” were cruelly suppressed and even exiled from the country. After the emergence of democracy, although the restoration of Buddhism in the country has been felt by the general mass, the leaders and the political parties were asilent and negligible contribution and support were received from the government.

To overcome this situation, about four decades ago, under the strong leadership  of Sangha Nayaka late BhikshuBuddhaghsh, the academic institute called “Nepal irthe government. With love, respect and great support from the general public, the institution, which started in 2019 BS from Trishuli at a tiny scale became successful to grow by 2020 BS into a massive scale operating its programme all over the country up to this day. It aims to educate the people on Buddha, Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist culture; as well as to teach them development of moral character and discipline.

After many years of untiring efforts and follow up by late BhikshuSudarshanMahasthavir, Department of Buddhist Studies was establishes in the Tribhuvan University to teach Buddhism, Buddhist culture and Buddhist Philosophy. Thereafter, following strong demand made by the DhammodayaSabha, Lumbini Buddhist University was established.

Now, we have the Lumbini Buddhist University as the one and only Buddhist educational  institition in the country. This is a matter of great pride and joy for the Busshist community. The Lumbini Buddhist  University aims to educate people according to their needs and interests in Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. Under its affilication the Theravada Buddhist Academy has been founded in the Vishwa Shanti Vihar with an aim for studies leading to Master’s degree in Theravasa Buddhism. Theravada Buddhist Academy is sincerely grateful to the Limbini Buddhist University for this historical endeavour.

Finally, we wish for the progress and success of this institution with continuous support of all Buddhist communities. We also express best wishes for success in spreading peace and harmony in the world through proper study and learning of Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, culture, art and literature , as well as through propagation of the teachings of the Lord Buddha in Nepal, the land of the Buddha.

May all beings be happy
Bhikshu Jnanapurnik Mahasthavir
Founder Chairman