December 18, 2016
Teacher Students Meeting and Interaction Program held
August 4, 2017
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One Day Seminar on Buddha’s Teaching held

Theravada Buddhist Academy  organized a program of “One Day Seminar on Buddha’s Teaching” on Saturday 22 July, 2017 (7th Srawan, 2074) at Viswa Santi Vihar, Minbhawan, Kathmandu with the financial support of Lumbini Buddhist University. The seminar was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University,  Prof. Dr. Nareshman Bajracharya. The opening session was chaired by Bhikshu Bodhigyana Mahasthavir.  Seminar papers were presented by the following scholars on five different topics related to the syllabus of M. A. Theravada Buddhism and others.

Paper presentators                                                                         Title

1.       Venerable Nigrodha                       Current Status of Theravada Buddhism in Nepal

2.       Mahendra Ratna Shakya              Buddhist Art and Architecture in M. A. Curriculum of LBU

3.       Madan Ratna Manandhar             Importance of Twelve linked cycle of Origination in Buddhist Philosophy

4.       Venerable Kolita Mahasthavir      Impact of Buddha’s Maitri teaching on animate environment

5.       Sabita Dhakhwa                                Women in Buddhism

The paper commentators were Ms. Urmila Tamrakar, Mr. Pusparatna Shakya, Mr. Fanindra Kumar Naupane, Venerable Pannayaratna, and Dr. Rashmi Rajkarnikar respectively.

The seminar was divided into two sessions. Dr Bhadraratna Bajracharya, Dean, LBU and Prof. Dr. Bajraraj Shakya chaired the first and second sessions respectively. Mr Tilakaram Acharya, Registar, LBU was the Chief Guest of closing ceremony. He distributed certificates to the paper presentators. Amita Shobha Tuladhara and Rajendra Manandhar assisted as Reporters and Ms. Sushma Bajracharya and Dr. Triratna Manandhar were the MC of program. Finally the vote of thanks was presented by Ms. Amita Dhakhwa. Around 100 persons including Mr. Siddheswar Man Shrestha, Controller of Examination, LBU and Mr. Manish Shakya, Assistance Dean, LBU were among the participants of the program. The program was concluded by the Venerable Kolit Mahasthavir with sharing of merits.