Bhikshu Janaka

Knowledge is powerful. It is more powerful when it comes through authentic, official Academic institution. Theravada Buddhist Academy gives me those precious unforgettable friendly learning moments to me. I sincerely suggest you all to join here and share my spiritual joyful moments during your study. Good luck!

Amita Tuladhar

The zeal to study Buddha's teaching is accomplished by the establishment of Theravada Buddhist Academy under the affiliation of Lumbini Buddhist University. The curriculum demonstrates the deepness of Buddha's teaching. Though delivered 2600 years ago being still relevant for harmony and peace in modern society is its preciousness. Beside I have also experienced it give strength to confront various difficulties in life diligently.

Sushma Bajracharya

Student, Masters in Theravada Buddhism (MATB),

Studying Masters in Theravada Buddhism at TBA is one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life.  It is not only about adding on one more academic degree, but I truly feel that it takes me one step further to the truth of the life and the nature.  So far through other degrees, I have learned to study the external world, my surrounding.  But MATB teaches to study “me” and reflect on “myself” and become a better human being.  I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all my teachers. Thank you so much.

Anita Manandhar

I got the opportunity to learn a great deal of the very core of the path of Theravada Buddhism by taking the Masters Course of Theravada Buddhism. This has helped me to understand the foundation of Buddha’s teachings. Now I could confidently explain and help others in understanding true Buddhism. This course has motivated me to study further and understand this vast ocean of knowledge that the Buddha has enlightened to this world. Thank you.