The Academy has been offering Master in Theravada Buddhist Studies in affiliation with the Lumbini Buddhist University. Thus programme is intended both for professionals interested in applying Buddhist teachings in their daily life, As well as for the individual, interested in studying Buddhism as a means for their spiritual development. It also serves as an excellent basis for the candidates, who plan to obtain research degrees in this field. The curriculum for the Master’s degree includes: History of Buddhism in South and South East Asia, Research Methodology, Buddhist Ethics and Meditation, Buddhist Art and Architecture, Buddhism and Social engagement and Psychological Aspects in Buddhism. The students also have to produce research based thesis.

The Theravada Buddhist Academy promotes Buddhist education and culture through various monastic as well as non-monastic teachings like Pariyetti.

The Academy conducts national as well as international conferences with th aim of promotion and preservation on Buddhist heritage and culture.

The Academy organizes excursions, study tours and exposure visits to national as well as international Buddhist sites, thus promoting Buddhist values and culture.

The Academy also offers Meditation courses to promote spiritual values practices in social life.